CPI, IBS Precision Engineering and the University of Huddersfield are collaborating in the development of a new optical interferometry system for fast areal surface measurements. With WSI, micro- and nanoscale surfaces can be measured, where environmental noise is compensated by the measurement system. Wavelength scanning interferometry can be used to measure both smooth surfaces and those with large step heights.

WSI has three main features:

  • Aerial measurement with large vertical range (up to 200 μm, lens dependent) and fine vertical resolution (2nm)
  • Fast interferometry measurement
  • Robust measurement capability

Markets/Potential Application:

The WSI system is designed for the evaluation of surface topography. Main applications for on-line/in-process surface metrology include:

Large (>λ) discontinuous step heights measurement

V-groove measurement

Topography measurement onmulti-layer, thin or thick films

Thickness measurement of thin and thick films

Defect detection and identification of ALD coating

Measurement of MEMS/NEMS systems

Measurement of optics

As part of NANOMEND, the WSI system will be implemented at the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) as a demonstrator sensor for the detection of defects in polymer film. This will be a showcase of the fast, large range, nanometre resolution and robust capabilities of the WSI.

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