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Defect detection systems successfully installed in Tampere University of Technology’s extrusion coating pilot line


As part of the NanoMend project, two in-line, integrated defect detection systems provided by ISRA Vision have been successfully installed within the extrusion coating pilot line at Tampere University of Technology. The two systems, one high resolution for lower line speeds, and the other a high speed system for high line speeds, both utilise novel [...]

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The University of Huddersfield win Industry Accolade for WSI Technology

nanomend award

NanoMend consortium partner The University of Huddersfield has recently been awarded an Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Innovation Award 2014 for the innovation behind the Wavelength Scanning Interferometer (WSI). The WSI Technology which is part of the NanoMend offering, is an innovative geometry scanner that can measure micro surface topography in extreme situations. The [...]

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NanoMend Develop Pilot Scale Ultra Barrier Defect Detection Tool

nanomend kit

As part of the FP7 NanoMend project, The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), IBS Precision Engineering and The University of Huddersfield have been working together to design and manufacture a state-of-the-art Wavelength Scanning Interferometer system that enables the fast surface measurement of low contrast defects at pre-industrial scale. The tool will be installed at CPI’s [...]

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Big Collaboration for a Small Problem

big collaboration

27th December 2013 It turns out that a huge collaborative effort is required to detect nano-scale defects. The NanoMend project has been set up to do just that, and its findings could improve production of flexible electronics, ‘smart’ packaging and even holographic surfaces Outdoor flexible electronics and paper packaging with inbuilt electronic displays both require [...]

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A little, big problem for the manufacturing economy

ice cream packaging

September 2012 In order find a solution to the damaging effect of nano defects on the emerging market of flexible electronics, the European Commission has awarded €7.25 Million to a group of scientists, including those from the North Eastern organisation, Centre for Process Innovation Limited. The European manufacturing economy needs to find a solution to [...]

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€7.3 million project to develop nano-scale detection and control techniques for large area substrates

KITE Innovation Europe

September 2012 Fourteen partners from across Europe, and including KITE, have been granted €7.25m to develop technologies and systems that are able to reduce the density of micro and nano scale defects in thin films, without slowing the speed of production. The project, which is entitled NanoMend, is led by the University of Huddersfield and [...]

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1st – 2nd April 2014: COSMIC Workshop 2014: Advances in Manufacturing of Organic Electronics

COSMIC Workshop 2014: Advances in Manufacturing of Organic Electronics

NanoMend are presenting at Advances in Manufacturing or Organic Electronics. The project COSMIC is an EU funded integrated research project in the field of organic and large area electronics. Its main goal is to develop process technology for organic electronic circuits and systems with state-of-the-art organic semiconductor materials on flexible plastic film substrates. COSMIC addresses [...]

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Finnish producer of holographic thin films ISCENT join the NanoMend consortium


Founded in 2011, ISCENT is a spin-out from Finnish Technical Research Centre VTT. ISCENT produces holographic-like and haptic images for plastic-based and fibre-based film materials with its’ state-of-the art film surface modification technology. ISCENT products are suitable for mass production and can be integrated into existing printing presses – cost effectively without any extra inks, [...]

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NanoMend present at Photonex 2013 on upcoming Wavelength Scanning Interferometry demonstrator


NanoMend recently presented at Photonex 2013 in Coventry on the upcoming WSI demonstrator which has been developed by the NanoMend project and is to be installed at CPI’s National Printable Electronics Centre. The presentation titled “Wavelength scanning interferometry for in-line defect detection and characterisation of Al₂O₃ vapour barrier layers” was delivered by the EPSRC Centre [...]

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