NanoMend will open new opportunities for industry across the globe. In particular product developers, metrology companies, process automation firms and contract manufacturers to access and incorporate the new technologies developed within the project into new products and production services. This will lead to significant benefits such as improved manufacturing yield, reduced costs, reduced scrap amongst others.

NanoMend technologies can be applied to the manufacturing of a wide range of products in order to improve their quality, increase yield, reduce manufacturing scrap and reduce manufacturing costs. Applications include:

Thin-film photovoltaic moduleThin-film photovoltaic modules Image courtesy of Flisom
Flexible lightingLow-energy lighting using flexible substrates
DisplaysDisplays including indoor and outdoor signage, billboards, point-of-sale, TV and computer screens (on both flexible and rigid substrates)
SensorsSensors and integrated systems on flexible substrates
SensorsWider electronics industry on both glass and flexible substrates
Packaging industry using coated packaging material Image courtesy of Stora Enso

Please contact us on info@nanomend to find out how the outcomes of NanoMend could benefit your organisation.