The technologies being developed by NANOMend are divided into four strands. The first is detection, the second cleaning, the third repair, and the fourth is the integration of the first three into in-line systems. Pilot scale demonstrations of these integrated systems will show how they will work within the photovoltaics and paper and packaging manufacturing lines.

The project programme can be broken down into the following groups of activities, which will be undertaken collaboratively by various combinations of the consortium partners.

This section of the project co-ordinates end-user involvement to ensure delivery of key goals.
  • Specification and prioritization of user requirements to inform other technical project activities.
  • Analysis of economic and technical benefits for end users.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the nature and effects of the defects found in the surface of the substrates used in production of photo voltaic cells and fibre based packing.
  • Design develop and test on line sensors capable of measuring these surface defects.
  • Develop appropriate algorithms and methods to inspect the surfaces.
  • Define, develop and test methodologies and algorithms.
  • Design the system architecture.
  • Develop characterisation and calibration methods.
  • Develop methods to clean away surface defects.
  • Adapt developed cleaning methods for particle removal to roll-to-roll manufacturing.
  • Investigate repair methods for nano-scale defects in barrier films for PV and fibre based packaging.
System integration is a really important part of the project that involves integrating inspection and repair systems. This comprises the definition and implementation of the integrating high-speed Hardware and Software system.
The methods and devices developed within the project will be demonstrated in the production lines for fibre-based packaging material and flexible PV's.
The packaging demonstrator will be initially on the pilot scale, and will later be developing into the large scale. The PV demonstrator will be integrated into a R2R productions line.